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School History


      Situated in the Dalin township of Chiayi county, Taiwan, Nanhua University is a miraculous accomplishment realized by the dedication and commitment of millions worldwide. At the time of its establishment in 1996, the founder, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, launched the “Millions of Education Sponsors Initiative” where each contributor pledged to donate one hundred New Taiwan Dollars a month for a period of three years. Consequently, everything at the University, from the natural landscape to the campus buildings, is the direct result of everyone's contributions and kindness. Nanhua University is dedicated to repaying the kindness of its many patrons by nurturing the minds of its students.


      Prior to its inauguration in 1999, Nanhua University had already firmly established its goals to propagate the traditions of ancient Chinese academies, rebuild humanism, and establish a university of the 21st century. Nanhua University began with the College of Management, followed by the College of Humanities and the College of Social Sciences. Impressed by its unique educational beliefs, teaching quality and environment, mentorship programs and students' personal growth, the Ministry of Education granted full university status to Nanhua University a mere three years after its establishment. This achievement is a record for higher education in Taiwan.


      To address ever-growing demands, Nanhua University further expanded to include a College of Science and Technology and a College of Arts in 2006 on its tenth anniversary. Nanhua has become the only general university that offers a comprehensive approach to the humanities, arts, management, and science and technology in Chiayi, Taiwan.